Happy employees lead directly to better performance and higher profits.
In other words, it pays to invest in your people. It also happens to be the right thing to do.
Offering employees a chance to learn this technique, a tool that they can use FOR LIFE, is a great way to give back, empower and motivate them, and keep them engaged.

2 day training (5 hours/day)


The course will be tailor made so that Employees can benefit from it on a personal  level, and on a career level. The course will tackle the following:

What is Thetahealing
How to meditate and activate the Theta brain wave, and clear the mind from negative thoughts and stress
How to identify and remove the hidden blocks that are hindering the growth and success.
How to get rid of fears
The rules of Manifesting and how to manifest more business/clients/money etc..

Every person attending the course will be handed a Certification from THINK (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) USA.

Fee: $400/person