Before the session starts, it is very important that you have an idea about what you would like to change in your life...It could be related to love, relationships, money, career, health ...

 Once we have identified what is the change you desire, I will scan your body intuitively (so I can grasp an idea of what I need to work on and the areas that need to be tackled).


A scan is followed by an in-depth session (consisting of a series of questions that I will ask you) that will lead us to the hidden subconscious belief that is sabotaging your reality and keeping you from reaching your goal (be it emotional, physical, financial etc.) 


Once the bottom belief is identified, I connect to your energy (by putting my brain on a theta wave) and change this belief - with your permission of course! , and replace this negative program with a positive one, and rewire your mind so you can start attracting what you desire, or get rid of what doesn't serve you.

A muscle test is done to show that this belief has now been changed.


The session always ends with a series of ‘’downloads’’ , which are a creation of positive feelings on a cellular level, which are necessary for your well-being. You’ll feel great, and brand new afterwards. Promise.

Session Fee: $170/per session      Packages Available