Holly Kassner: '' This course is a life changer! The material is so amazing, so deep and heartfelt''

Pauline Harry: ''This course is incredible and Elias is a wonderful teacher sharing with such openness and honesty... I was blessed to do this seminar at Atanaha this year and I’m so grateful for it''.

Stacy Rush: ''Thank you Elias... amazing course... perfect in every way! Brought so much clarity on so many levels! I highly recommend this course for all!''

Mary Anne Wassenberg: ''Beautiful course that will change you and your world! It already changed mine!''

Mauricio Faria: ''An incredible course that puts us face to face with our limitations and allows us to look at our connection with the creator and realize that every moment we are inspired by it, even in the most challenging moments. Congratulations Elias for such sensitivity and connection in this beautiful course. I'm very grateful''.

Victoria Rader: ''A seminar built from the heart, taught from the heart, and healed from the heart. Am grateful for the gentle yet powerful energy you created''

Tanya Gabriele: ''This is a really amazing class! I highly recommend it!! It's especially helpful in aligning you with your soul's purpose of being a healer, doing the belief work to help you overcome any obstacles or doubts that may have you questioning if this is truly your path, or in your ability to live your life path; The belief work is essential as you build and grow your business so its done in true soul alignment to help you succeed. I found it to be very encouraging and inspiring. Elias is an awesome teacher and he brings a lot of authenticity and realness to the teachings and class.

Fabrício Lacerda: ''The most incredible course of ThetaHealing I've ever taken. I truly recommend it, it's life changing! Thank you for sharing your experience and inspiring us!''

Thuraya Darwish: ''I could feel a significant shift as soon as we completed the seminar...Elias delivered his seminar with love and the purest of intentions. The rawness and transparency in his stories were both captivating and inspiring''